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We are pleased to announce we have been awarded a Wilder Kent Bronze Award from Kent Wildlife Trust. For more information about the award and The Kent Wildlife Trust please visit:


We wish all our families a safe and happy summer break and we look forward to seeing our pupils return in September.


Thank you to Berkeley Homes who have laid the base for our new PE Shed.


Happy Birthday to all our pupils celebrating their birthday this week and during the summer holidays. We hope you have a wonderful day!


Year 6 had a fantastic time at Lower Grange Farm on Friday participating in Archery, Climbing, Water Rockets and Orienteering!


The children are all enjoying their ice creams this afternoon! Everest Ices have been very complimentary about how polite our children have been when receiving their ice creams!


Owl Class enjoyed their session about apprenticeships with Mrs Dell. It was fascinating to learn about the different departments within companies and the opportunities that are available to 'learn while you earn'!


Alex came to tell us about being a journalist. We found out about different types of journalism and what the job can involve. No two days are the same! Alex loves his job and has inspired Owl class to aim high and do their best now, ready for the future. Thank you.


Meerkat Class have been busy making their products for Careers and Enterprise week.


Thank you to Mr Farmer for delivering a workshop on Lego as part of our Careers and Enterprise week.


Year 6 have been busy preparing for Secondary School and received a fantastic transition Workshop, led by Early Help this week.


As part of our Careers and Enterprise week,Ms Hand gave Owl Class a fantastic talk about her job -Estate Agent. We learnt about sellers,buyers,bankers,solicitors,mortgage brokers,surveyors,deposits,exchanging contracts,completion and the property ladder. It was very interesting.


Owl Class made Needle Kits to sell during our Enterprise Week. If they sell all of them, they will make £100! Our adverts were comical and persuasive!


Owl Class learnt about escape plans and what they would do if there was a fire in their home. They were fascinated and asked many questions. Thank you Kent Fire and Rescue service.


Penguin Class enjoyed their workshop from Kent Fire and Rescue Service today.


Thank you to Kent Fire and Rescue Service for leading workshops for all of our pupils today! You could ask your child about what they have learnt today?


Miss Sheehan has been busy on her travels meeting her new Panda Class having great fun, take a look!


Thank you to Miss Thomas who led a fantastic workshop based on lino printing as part of Careers and Enterprise Week! The children had a great time creating their unique carrot designs!


Meerkat enjoyed making mazes last week and shared them with Alpaca Class.


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Have you read Mr Ehren blog (link below) What a fantastic read 'Individual Liberty' ...


Our refugees have been tossing the caber, playing catch the tag and playing games in their tents to keep them busy. Awards have been presented for tidiest tent, most resourceful, best teamwork and fastest to put up their tent!


Our Year 3 and 4 refugees have been busy setting up camp this morning.


Year 1 and 2 visited Christ Church in Snodland on Tuesday, they were identifying items in the church from their list.


This week, the children who made pots at Valley Park School showed the class how to make terracotta vessels using coils. The teamwork was impressive and the results were fantastic!


Gianna Pollero, author of Monster Doughnuts! delivered a fantastic workshop to our Year 3 - 6 pupils this week. The children had a great time and were inspired to write a story of their own, thank you!


We are holding a transition event on 6 July to help you and your child prepare to move from primary to secondary school. It'll be held in the library of our secondary school, SST Maidstone, from 5-6pm. Find out more details, and book your place here:


Anti-Bullying Ambassador training this morning. 12 pupils learnt to identify bullying behaviors and techniques to prevent and manage these. We look forward to planning our anti-bullying campaigns in school, watch this space...... Thank you to The Diana Award for leading today.


Well done to all the children for their hard work at our Sports Fair today!


Happy Birthday to Harrison who is celebrating his birthday this week, we hope you have a fantastic day!


Year 4 had a fantastic time for the Clay Workshop on Friday. They learnt new skills and are looking forward to glazing their pots this week. Thank you Valley Park School.


We are excited to have been awarded 105 Medium Wildlife saplings and 105 Medium Year Round Colour saplings from The Woodland Trust community Tree Pack! We should receive our saplings in November, we can't wait to get planting! 🌳 Thank you


Thank you to all teachers, schools and support staff on


It's National Thank a Teacher day on Wednesday! Take a look at to thank a teacher and enter competitions!


Happy Birthday to Jasmine, Stanley, Blossom, Megan and Isabel who are celebrating their birthday this week, we hope you have a great day!


Well done to Chloe in Meerkat Class who has achieved the Diamond Standard Presentation award!


Linking in with Euro 2020 a special edition of 'Striker Boy' is available in aid of the charity Mind. For further details please see the link below


We were very excited to receive a visit from Rebecca at Holborough Hedgehogs who delivered our new Hedgehog House and feeding station. Thank you MP who joined us to celebrate this special occasion. We look forward to the hedgehogs moving into their new home.🦔


The children enjoyed the creative arts workshops this week. They used paper machete, paint, charcoal & wire to create animals with other schools from the Valley Invicta Academies Trust. Thank you to for hosting these amazing workshops!


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The KM's much loved My Dad supplement is out today! If your little one has submitted a drawing of their dad make sure to pick up a copy today- it's a lovely keepsake.


Thank you to Mrs Bennett for helping with our Year 5 and 6 Production!

Our Mission

At Holborough Lakes we aspire to succeed and work together to achieve. We strongly believe that every child has the ability to reach their full potential with the correct nurturing and teaching. We work in partnership with parents and the local community to provide nothing less than outstanding education for all our children at Holborough Lakes. This is reflected in our core values, which are at the heart of all that we do: perseverance, respect, resilience, oneness, understanding and determination. We are a school to which the whole school community - children, staff, parents and governors - are proud to belong.



Core skills

We show our strengths and work cooperatively, making a contribution and allowing others to do the same


Core skills

We have the ability to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and experience what they experience. Our community displays kindness through our thoughts, words and actions. We help others and understand that understanding and kindness needs to be shown to all. Through these acts we develop positive relationships with others and our community.


Core skills

We show respect and tolerance for everyone in our community, we respect ourselves and others alike. We value what others say and do, even if they are different from us. We take care of ourselves, friends, family, community and our environment.


Core skills

We dream without limits and keep trying. We persevere when faced with challenges. We are confident to take risks and always try our hardest in everything we do.


Core skills

We try to solve problems ourselves in different ways before asking for help. They take charge of their own learning and develop skills to have more autonomy and control over their learning. They learn from others and work collaboratively. They are reflective learners and are able to make decision about what will help them to achieve.


Core skills

We never give up, even when faced with a challenge. We learn from our mistakes and see them as opportunities to extend our learning. We try to solve our problems before seeking advice and guidance. We learn to manage distractions and reduce interruptions.

Year R

Show pride

I can be a good friend

I look after property

When I am older, I want to be

I can dress myself

If I am stuck, I can try another way.

Year 1

Demonstrate equality

How are we all different and how are we all the same?

What do I love about myself?

Understand what I want to be better at

I know what to do when I get stuck

I will try and solve a problem first before I ask for help

Year 2

Take responsibility

Helping others and acceptance

What can I learn from my friends?

Complete a challenge set

What can I learn from others?

I manage distraction 

Year 3

Understand the impact of democracy

Where are you from and what are your traditions?

I know how to take care of my friends and family.

Setting and meeting a challenge set

I know what my next steps are and they are going to help me learn.

I know how to manage my frustrations 

Year 4

Recognise how Law of the land affects the way we live



I know how to look after my community and environment.

Who do I admire and why

I can set targets for myself

I know how to manage distractions and reduce interruptions. 

Year 5

Understand the importance of freedom

How can we act compassionately? 

How can I make an impact in my school?

Recognise people who have shown ambition

I know how I can help other children at Holborough Lakes

I can learn from my mistakes and see them as opportunities to extend our learning.

Year 6

What does Single liberty mean to me?

To understand the impact that intolerance has had through history.

I know how I can make an impact in my community and how I can help.

Set an aspiration for my future and work towards a goal 

I can reflect upon my time at Holborough Lakes and plan my next steps to success

Who am I and what are my strengths? How will they help me move forward?