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Twitter Wall

Twitter Wall



We have received a delivery of some wonderful new books for our school today.


Tiger Class have enjoyed 'Beat the Goalie' today, some children were playing with Miss Daniels in goal!


Dolphin Class have completed their 2.6 mile mini marathon!


We are looking forward to our PTA Beat the Goalie Sponsored event next week!


Here is a sneaky peek of our new published display!


Happy Birthday to Lily-Ann and CeCe in Owl Class, have a fabulous day.


Happy Birthday to Madison in Owl Class, have a fabulous day!


Penguin and Dolphin Class have been enthralled by the text 'Cosmic' by As part of their extended writing they have written a diary entry with a flashback for our awe inspiring display!


Owl Class have been developing their skills in weaving, we are looking forward to seeing the outcomes at the end of the week.


Owl Class have been learning about Anglo-Saxons. They have been using their sticky knowledge to recall facts.


Panda Class have been getting creative with numbers linking to their topic 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.


Emma in Alpaca Class has produced outstanding writing.


Here's a sneak peek of our publishing!


Tiger Class have been writing a diary entry as one of the brave soldiers in their text 'Major Glad Major Dizzy'.


Owl Class have been learning about sound. They investigated vibrations using a tuning fork, it was brilliant!


Happy Birthday to Daisy in Penguin Class who will be celebrating her birthday at the weekend, have a fantastic day.


We have celebrated our Virtual Harvest Festival in School today, thank you to all of our parents for their generous Harvest Donations.


Yesterday Panda Class found and planted 5 magic golden beans; look what they have grown into!! There was a message from the top of the beanstalk, so we have been busy writing and drawing replies.


Thank you to all of our parents for your generosity with Harvest donations.


Happy Birthday to Chloe and Max in Meerkat Class celebrating their birthdays today!


Join us in celebrating World Teachers day today!


Owl Class have investigated pitch in Science using jam jars and water.


Riley decorated an Anglo-Saxon Sword!


Ashton in Owl Class has used his cup to communicate with his brother.


Happy Birthday to Hayden in Owl Class who is celebrating his birthday today and Raj in Owl Class who will be celebrating at the weekend, have a great day!


The sensory garden is now open for the children to enjoy a little bit of quiet time. It took 37 wheel barrows of pea shingle to fill the area! The plants have been planted and the boxes have been weather proofed, we hope they enjoy this area.


A fun lunch was had by all in school today!


Alpaca Class have been exploring floating and sinking in Science.


Madison has created a fantastic first draft of her writing, we are looking forward to seeing the final published version!


Our sensational sensory garden and wellbeing space is almost complete!


Tiger Class have been enjoying playing tennis today.


Tiger Class have been carrying out experiments to determine which materials are water resistance and water proof.


In Science Year 3 made kazoos to investigate pitch, apologies from Mrs Hetherington if you had a noisy weekend!


Anglo Saxons invaded England because their home was floodlands which is not good for farming, Year 3 planted cress in good soil and flooded soil to see which grew.


In Science, Owl Class have made Kazoos to explore pitch, they found out the longer the elastic band the lower the sound!


Happy Birthday to Teddie in Owl Class and Nye in Alpaca Class, have a fantastic day!


Meerkat Class read over 100 time in a week and enjoyed playing on the trim trail for their reward.


Some children in Year 6 are taking part in Bikeability this week, they are having a great time whilst learning how to stay safe while riding a bike.


Tiger Class have been sorting and classifying materials based on their properties in science. They have also been learning where the letters are on a keyboard in computing.


Happy Birthday to Bryan in Meerkat Class, have a fantastic day!

Our Mission

At Holborough Lakes we aspire to succeed and work together to achieve. We strongly believe that every child has the ability to reach their full potential with the correct nurturing and teaching. We work in partnership with parents and the local community to provide nothing less than outstanding education for all our children at Holborough Lakes. This is reflected in our core values, which are at the heart of all that we do: perseverance, respect, resilience, oneness, understanding and determination. We are a school to which the whole school community - children, staff, parents and governors - are proud to belong.



Core skills

We show our strengths and work cooperatively, making a contribution and allowing others to do the same


Core skills

We have the ability to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and experience what they experience. Our community displays kindness through our thoughts, words and actions. We help others and understand that understanding and kindness needs to be shown to all. Through these acts we develop positive relationships with others and our community.


Core skills

We show respect and tolerance for everyone in our community, we respect ourselves and others alike. We value what others say and do, even if they are different from us. We take care of ourselves, friends, family, community and our environment.


Core skills

We dream without limits and keep trying. We persevere when faced with challenges. We are confident to take risks and always try our hardest in everything we do.


Core skills

We try to solve problems ourselves in different ways before asking for help. They take charge of their own learning and develop skills to have more autonomy and control over their learning. They learn from others and work collaboratively. They are reflective learners and are able to make decision about what will help them to achieve.


Core skills

We never give up, even when faced with a challenge. We learn from our mistakes and see them as opportunities to extend our learning. We try to solve our problems before seeking advice and guidance. We learn to manage distractions and reduce interruptions.

Year R

Show pride

I can be a good friend

I look after property

When I am older, I want to be

I can dress myself

If I am stuck, I can try another way.

Year 1

Demonstrate equality

How are we all different and how are we all the same?

What do I love about myself?

Understand what I want to be better at

I know what to do when I get stuck

I will try and solve a problem first before I ask for help

Year 2

Take responsibility

Helping others and acceptance

What can I learn from my friends?

Complete a challenge set

What can I learn from others?

I manage distraction 

Year 3

Understand the impact of democracy

Where are you from and what are your traditions?

I know how to take care of my friends and family.

Setting and meeting a challenge set

I know what my next steps are and they are going to help me learn.

I know how to manage my frustrations 

Year 4

Recognise how Law of the land affects the way we live



I know how to look after my community and environment.

Who do I admire and why

I can set targets for myself

I know how to manage distractions and reduce interruptions. 

Year 5

Understand the importance of freedom

How can we act compassionately? 

How can I make an impact in my school?

Recognise people who have shown ambition

I know how I can help other children at Holborough Lakes

I can learn from my mistakes and see them as opportunities to extend our learning.

Year 6

What does Single liberty mean to me?

To understand the impact that intolerance has had through history.

I know how I can make an impact in my community and how I can help.

Set an aspiration for my future and work towards a goal 

I can reflect upon my time at Holborough Lakes and plan my next steps to success

Who am I and what are my strengths? How will they help me move forward?