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School Council

We trust VIPS Holborough Lakes children to help us make the decisions that shape our school and make it the way that they want it to be. Children from Year 1 to Year 6 engage with the democratic process to elect representatives onto our School Council. Each class elects two School Councillors.

The children who make up the School Council are an important part of our leadership team and we trust them to ensure that the views of all VIPS Holborough Lakes children are taken into account. As much as possible we meet every week to discuss issues raised during Class Council meetings and whole school initiatives as set out by our Headteacher, Mrs Vickers. We then decide how we are going to help to move things forward.

Pupil Voice
Pupil Questionnaire Responses January 2018
Page Downloads Date  
School Council Names and roles.pdf 28th Sep 2018 Download
School Council Meeting Minutes 09.11.18... 12th Nov 2018 Download
School Council Meeting Minutes 02.11.18... 12th Nov 2018 Download
HL School Council Meeting Minutes 16.11... 23rd Nov 2018 Download
School Council Meeting Minutes 23.11.18... 23rd Nov 2018 Download