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Our Rights Respecting Ambassadors have been working with Mrs Vickers and Mr Tom to develop our wildlife area. New bird feeders have been put in place to encourage new wildlife to the space. Thank you to our school community for their kind donations.


Our Year 6 enjoyed a trip to the bowling alley today as an end of SATs treat. There were some impressive scores from the children and the adults! A well deserved treat after their hard work this week.


Jasmine, Evelyn and Megan went to for a book design workshop.They demonstrated excellent teamwork and together with the help of a sixth form created a design. They decided to put elements of each other’s original design to make a new one.


Congratulations to Evelyn in Year 5 who was the winner of the book sculpture competition at Holborough Lakes. The artwork is inspired by the award-winning artist Su Blackwell. Thank you to for this opportunity. Jasmine and Pollyanna were named as our runners up.


Year 4 have been writing limericks as part of their English sequence. This is Beau reciting the limericks she wrote today. We hope you enjoy them!


This morning our Year 6 cohort enjoyed a delicious breakfast before the start of their SATs. We wish them all the best this week and we are extremely proud of the hard work and dedication they have shown.


Year 3 and 4 enjoyed a trip to Living Land at Detling. The pupils learnt about food, farming and countryside life. They particularly enjoyed the dancing sheep show. 🐑 🥕


Maisie in Year 5 has worked extremely hard to reach our 'Diamond' standard of presentation. Well done and keep up the hard work. 💎🖊️🌟🌟🌟


Our first group of Year 5 pupils have started their Bikeability course this morning. They have checked the safety of their bikes and are ready to learn some key skills to keep them safe when riding.


Well done to Keiva who took part in a Korfball tournament, representing our county. The team came runners up by just one point against London. 🏅🌟


Happy Birthday to Jessie, Nancy, Oliver P, Astrid, Eloise, Rubie and Arish who have recently celebrated their birthday.


We would love to have a copy of Suzy Orbit Astronaut for our school library.


Retweeted From Nosy Crow

It's , and we're celebrating with a galactic ! 🚀🌌🔭🌟 Four lucky winners will receive one of these space-tastic books each. To enter, simply follow , RT and comment below with the book you'd like to win! *Ends 12/5, UK only.


This morning we had a second scooter pod installed as a winner of the Active Travel prize draw. Thank you to and We're sure the children will make good use of the pod.


Our children have arrived at the 02 for the Young Voices concert. We hope they have an amazing evening and enjoy performing.


On Friday, to raise funds for Ukraine, we held a talent show at Holborough Lakes. We had an amazing showcase of talent, which included some singers, musicians and gymnasts.


Ria in Year 5, finally got to see her ‘Litter Angels’ poster up at McDonalds! Ria was awarded with her own poster and some meal vouchers! She also had the pleasure of meeting Tracey Crouch, who was impressed with all the work the school is doing to support sustainability.


Alfie and Ashton chose some books to share with their younger siblings. Thank you to and for your kind donations. We hope you enjoy sharing and spending time developing their love of reading.


Happy Birthday to Nyah, Anwuli, James, Tilly, Hazel, Mila, Javier, Joshua, Max, Saiya and Jessie who have recently celebrated their birthdays. We hope you had a great day.


After a visit from Holborough Hedgehogs, we are pleased to announce that we have a hedgehog in our house located in our wildlife area. We are running a poster competition to coincide with Hedgehog Awareness Week (1st-7th May) and the winner will be able to name our new resident.


Year 1 enjoyed a fabulous day at Tyland Barn pond dipping and hunting for minibeasts. 🐌🦟


As today is National Stephen Lawrence Day, Kaelan from Year 6 delivered an assembly to raise awareness of this important event. The key theme of the assembly was celebrating diversity and promoting inclusion. Kaelan linked this to our own core values.


Congratulations to Ria, the winner of the VIAT Public Speaking competition. Her speech on 'Adventures' was outstanding and the judges were impressed with the overall standard. Well done to Rohan and Ije who also took part and spoke about 'Dreams' and 'Innovation.


Would you like to join our friendly team? We're currently looking for a part-time receptionist and administrator - for full details, please see our website:


Space 2 Be Me offer informal coffee mornings, with an opportunity to meet with other parents and speak to one of their Family Support Officers. Please see the flyers for details.


Panda Class have been writing about dinosaurs. Amelia and Ziyah used fantastic descriptive words including 'meteor' and 'because', well done!


Meerkat Class have been using recycled materials to create their individual Fair Trade logos. When they are all made they will be pieced together to make an Andy Warhol inspired Pop Art.


On Tuesday Year 3 and 4 were Romans for the day. They tasted roman style food, made mosaics, learnt Latin, used roman numerals and practiced rituals using the shields they had made.


EYFS and KS1 enjoyed the Easter Puppet Show yesterday led by The Family Trust.


The Rocksteady Bands performed an amazing concert to their parents yesterday, well done to everyone who performed!


Thank you to our AMAZING PTA who have organised our Mother's Day Secret sale today! The children are having a great time shopping for their mums, step-mums, nans and aunties.


Happy Birthday to Isla, Aisha, Keiva, Alexander, Ava, Charlie, Alexis, Teddie, and Callum who are celebrating their birthdays this week and next week. We hope you have a great day!


Four of our Rights Respecting Ambassadors are at the Kent Reconnect Hackathon. They are using their passion, skills and expertise to work on finding a solution to help young people better engage with the climate crisis and have more impact when they are taking action.


Mr Anderson from SST visited us yesterday to lead a Shakespeare Workshop for our Year 5 pupils. They are rehearsing A Midsummer Night's Dream in preparation for their final performance with pupils form other primary schools on Friday! Thank you


On Friday, pupils from KS2 visited The Lenham School to participate in their Reading Café. They had a great time reading with the students and listening to Philippa Joyner read an extract of her book - Fiery Glen. Thank you


On Thursday, pupils from Year 5 and 6 participated in a VIAT Netball Match at Teh School of Science and Technology. They displayed excellent teamwork and sportsmanship! Well done!


Michael from Total Waste Management led an assembly for the children discussing waste management and learning how we can Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


We hope our families who received complimentary tickets to the Charlton Vs Gillingham match last night had a great time.


Valley Park School Presents 9 - 5 The Musical 29th March - 1st April Please see the link below for details of how to purchase tickets.


Happy Birthday to Arjan, Jack, Lily-Rose and Phoebe who are celebrating their birthdays this week, we hope you have a great day.


Our Aim

At Valley Invicta Primary School at Holborough Lakes, we want every pupil to develop a love of Maths. We aim to develop a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject and provide a programme for progression where pupils are stimulated and challenged.

Lesson Structure

We take a mastery approach to the teaching of maths, meaning that all children will gain a deep understanding of the maths they are learning. Pupils are all challenged to learn together in groups, with the necessary challenge and support in a lesson, to allow all abilities to flourish.

All Mathematics lessons are based on an I do, We do and You do approach.

Flying Start

This ‘hook’ includes consolidation of arithmetic skills from across the last lesson, week, month, term and year group phase. Regularly reflecting back to prior learning ensures that pupils keep skills fresh and builds upon their long-term memory. Rapid recall and number fact knowledge is key to support more advanced skills as pupils progress through the mathematics curriculum.

Guided Practice and Independent Learning (I do, We do, You do)

Throughout the rest of the lesson the children are introduced to different challenges that show progress in a skill across a lesson. These challenges are modelled by the teacher independently, before the students and teacher work together on the same concept. Each challenge is then consolidated by independent practice (you do). Challenges provide pupils with different pictorial representations, as well as learning about mathematics in contexts – this shows them that mathematics can be used in their daily lives and future aspirations.

Reasoning is explicitly shown in workbooks through the use of a purple reasoning pen, this allows pupils to see the importance of the following reasoning skills:

Reasoning is explicitly shown in workbooks through the use of a purple reasoning pen, this allows pupils to see the importance of the following reasoning skills:

  • Describing
  • Explaining
  • Convincing
  • Justifying
  • Proving
  • Conjecturing

These skills are fluid and pupils will dip in and out of these reasoning skills across their mathematics experiences in each year group.

Progression in Skills - Maths

Progression in Vocabulary - Maths

Maths Virtual Classroom 

Times Tables

All Year 4 children will have their multiplication skills formally tested in the summer term of Year 4 from 2022. For more infomtion on the process of this assessment please click here

Please click here to see our progression document for teaching times tables. 

Times Tables Rockstars 

Times Tables Rockstars is a fun and interactive way to help your child develop their times tables fluency. This platform allows the children to create a fun rockstar avatar and develop the skills to become a true Times Tables Rockstar!

For more information please click here.

How can you help your child practise their times tables?

Because the National Curriculum for maths is so extensive, there is an expectation that parents will help their children learn their times tables at home and not rely on schools to bring them up to speed.

Some of the techniques you can use include:

  • Practising times tables by rote.
  • Asking your child multiplication questions out of order – such as ‘What’s 11x12? What’s 5x6?’
  • Asking your child the related division facts: ‘What’s 8/4? What’s 9/6?’
  • Using arrays to help your child memorise times tables – you can use fun objects like Smarties or Lego bricks to make it more entertaining.
  • Giving your child word problems to test their skills, like ‘If Peter has 800ml of orange juice and needs to share it between four friends, how much can they each have?’
  • Using apps and games like TheSchoolRun’s multiplication games to build speed.

Free times tables resources and advice for primary-school parents

For information, worksheets, games, eBooks and learning packs to help you support your child in learning their times tables go to the Times Tables learning hub.

Specific tips for each multiplication table:

Times Table Challenge

Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact 1

Intention 1:

To build a Mathematics curriculum which develops learning and results in the acquisition of knowledge and skills so that all pupils know more, remember more and understand more. To design a curriculum with appropriate subject knowledge, skills and understanding in Number, Algebra, Ratio, Measurement, Geometry and Statistics as set out in the National Curriculum so that children can know more, remember more and understand more to help them reach and exceed their potential at Holborough Lakes Primary School and beyond.


National Curriculum Programmes of Study and Scheme of Work

  • Mathematics is planned for, following the EYFS Framework and KS1 and KS2 school curriculum.
  • Mathematics is planned for following the scheme of work, as suggested by Maths Hub.
  • Whilst the National Curriculum forms the foundation of our curriculum, we make sure that children learn additional skills, knowledge and understanding and enhance our curriculum as and when necessary.
  • Mathematics is taught as an exclusive subject in order to promote fluency but children are also provided with real life problems so that they are made aware of the importance of mathematics in everyday life.


Children will make at least good progress in Mathematics from their last point of statutory assessment or from their starting point in Nursery. Children will use their Mathematics knowledge and skills, in all curriculum areas, to enable them to know more, remember more and understand more. Children will recognise the importance of Mathematics as a facilitating subject to enable them to access other areas of learning and operate successfully is everyday life both now and in the future.

Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact 2

Intention 2:

To build a curriculum, which enables pupils to make rich connections across mathematical ideas to develop fluency, mathematical reasoning and competency in solving increasingly sophisticated problems so that they know more, remember more and understand more. To design a curriculum which has mathematics at its core, is accessible to all and will maximise the development of every child’s ability and academic achievement. We deliver lessons that are creative and engaging. We intend for our pupils to be able to apply their mathematical knowledge to science and other subjects. We want children to realise that mathematics has been developed over centuries, providing the solution to some of history’s most intriguing problems. We want them to know that it is essential to everyday life, critical to science, technology and engineering, and necessary for financial literacy and most forms of employment. As our pupils progress, we intend for our pupils to be able to understand the world, have the ability to reason mathematically, have an appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics, and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject.


  • The systematic teaching of number and place value has a high priority throughout school.
  • In Foundation Stage, pupil fluency is developed by using a visual, practical base to develop conceptual understanding and recall. Pupil’s mathematical reasoning is developed through the use of concrete objects and spoken language to explain and justify.
  • School has developed a comprehensive Calculation Policy, which enables staff to teach standard methods systematically and progressively across all age groups.
  • White Rose is used as the spine for delivery of the Mathematics across school. White Rose ensures consistent coverage, and provides real life opportunities for pupils to make connections and apply their mathematical knowledge.
  • Daily Maths lessons provide opportunity for children to become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, thus increasing the likelihood of rapid progress.
  • Weekly Problem-Solving sessions enable varied and frequent practice of mathematical application through increasingly complex problems over time, so that pupils develop conceptual understanding and the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately.
  • The systematic teaching of Timetables ensures that children develop rapid recall which they can use as a tool to effectively and efficiently solve more complex problems.
  • Time limited Intervention is planned for those children who are working below their expected level of attainment and progress. 
  • All children are expected to complete weekly mathematics homework.
  • All children have access to Mathletics, which is a web-based ability appropriate Mathematics programme, which they can access at home, and school.


Children will have a confident attitude towards mathematics. They will use arithmetic and timetables fluently and make connections in order to solve real life problems.

They will recognise that Mathematics is essential for everyday life and make at least good progress in Mathematics from their last point of statutory assessment of from their starting point in Nursery.

Children will use their Mathematics skills as a key tool in helping them to learn, and as a result, know more, remember more and understand more.

Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact 3

Intention 3:

To provide opportunities across all curricular areas for the development and application of Mathematic skills to help all pupils know more, remember more and understand more. To design a wider curriculum that provides regular opportunities for pupils to use and apply the knowledge skills they have acquired from the Mathematics Curriculum.


  • The promotion of mathematics is essential to the successful acquisition of knowledge across the curriculum.
  • The promotion of opportunities to use and apply mathematical knowledge throughout school is planned in a variety of subjects set in real-life contexts.
  • The promotion and implementation of outdoor learning and external cultural capital experiences provides additional opportunities for children to apply mathematical knowledge in real life situations.


Children will be able to produce written work in all areas of the curriculum of a similar standard which evidence good progress from their last point of statutory assessment point or their starting point in Nursery.