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Twitter Wall

Twitter Wall



Don't miss the Valley Park School Scholarship Information Evening on 2 October from 6pm-7pm! Book your place now!


Very proud of what Jacob achieved with his writing today!


Today the children enjoyed an engaging assembly from The Family Trust.


Panda Class have been enjoying writing indoors and outdoors.


If you have a child starting school in September 2020 please come along to one of our open mornings.


Magical Maths visited Holborough Lakes Primary School today.


In line with our Healthy School Approach please visit the link below for some School Packed Lunch Inspiration


Our new Panda Class have been enjoying settling in. They have loved exploring and discovering their new surroundings!


It's the Autumn Invicta Fair on Saturday 21 September - don't miss it!


We are looking forward to collecting Team GB athlete stickers to hopefully receive a school sports kit and a chance to win some money for our fantastic school! If you can help us collect them, we'd be hugely grateful!


The brand new edition of our Trust Online Safety newsletter is out now!


The Class of Rock Year 5 and 6 Production was a smash hit last night! If your coming to see it this afternoon bring your singing voices!


You can read all about our Careers and Enterprise week if you click this link. A huge thank you to Miss Loni Stevens for all her work in making this such a success.


Tiger class are celebrating their efforts as entrepreneurs. They used their profits to update their wet play games. What better way to check you’re happy with your purchases than to play them?


Om Monday 15th July ‘Holborough Lakes Market’ opened to our school community. The children’s and staff’s efforts paid off! Lots of happy customers and a profit made by all! Great entrepreneurial skills. Well done everybody.


We are SO proud of our Year 6s who achiever 100% across all their SATs - they are amazing! You can read more on our website:


Are you passionate about education? Would you like to make a difference as a governor? Don't forget it's our Trust's Governance Open Event on Monday 22 July 2019, 5pm to 7pm, at Invicta Grammar School. To book your place, please contact Ruth Hinckley via


We have achieved the Silver Award School Games Mark! The School Games Mark is a government-led awards scheme to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their organisation and into the community. Well done to everyone involved!


Thank you to all who helped organise and support with our Year 6 prom. A great send off for such an incredible class.


KS1 Pizza Picnic Dazzle Day. Starting with an Explorer Quiz, followed by pizzas made by each child and rounded off with a surprise performance from Year 2! Ending this academic year on a high!


A massive well done to our incredible Year 6 pupils who achieved 100% combined in their KS2 SATs. Your hard work and dedication has paid off and you are all ready for the challenges of next year. Let the celebrations begin!


Tiger class have been making pizzas today in preparation for their Pizza Picnic Dazzle Day tomorrow at 2pm. They used their new knowledge about food hygiene skills to make super tasty pizzas.


A huge thank you to Mr Elsom, Miss Sheehan and everyone involved in organising last nights VIAT Choral Concert. It was a fantastic performance and we have received some lovely feedback from audience members!


Day 4. Mrs Igbinovia, an engineer, came to tell us about her job. She told us where she works and what she does in her job. She showed us some pictures of materials being tested to see which material was the least flammable. We had a great time!!! (Written by Jack Y6)


Alpaca class have been having fun playing Tri-Golf in the lovely weather today.


Alpacas Class have been enjoying making their chocolate treats today!


Entrepreneurs busy at work preparing for their Biscuit Shop (Pandas) and Chocolate Shop (Alpacas) Monday 15th July 2019!


Kate McAllen, a Craft Trainer from The Contract Dining Company, came and taught EYFS and KS1 about Food Hygeine today. She then helped them make their chocolates and biscuits ready to sell at 'Holborough Lakes Market’ on Monday 15th July! Yummy!


The Forensic team has arrived at !


Forensic Scientist, Mr Waters, showing how to detect blood...


Forensic Scientist, Mr Waters, showing how to lift fingerprints...


Careers and Enterprise day 3 . We are joined by Mr Waters, a Forensic Scientist, who is teaching us how to find clues and detect the ‘bad guys’...


We had a fork lift demonstration from driver Dave who showed us the skills needed to drive construction vehicles safely...


Today, Year 4&5 were visited by Mrs Fadeyi who is a Business Analyst. She taught us how to solve problems in businesses and the key skills needed are: good listening, strategical thinking and being a good communicator.


Retweeted From VIPS@Holboroughlakes

construction is fun!


Retweeted From VIPS@Holboroughlakes

teaching us about health and safety in construction and the correct uniform to keep us safe!


construction is fun!


Careers and Enterprise week day 2. Site manager Barnaby Blackman from came to teach us all about a career in construction. He modelled health and safety to us beautifully with Mr Tom!


kept us safe while learning about construction. Thank you Barney!!!


gave us a fork lift demonstration with driver Dave. This was cool!

Writing Scheme

Alan Peat Sentence Types

At Holborough Lakes we use 'exciting sentence structures' by Alan Peat to improve the Teaching and Learning of grammar and punctuation. These sentence types encourage the children to explore a range of punctuation and write in a variety of ways. Many of the sentence types can be applied to non-fiction and narrative writing as well as poetry.

By the end of Year 6 children should be using more than 20 differnt types of sentence structure that match the demands of the National Curriculum.

For more information on the Alan Peat sheme, please click HERE


Year Group Sentence Type Example Rule
Year 1 All the W's

Would there ever be another opportunity like this?

Who would like to be next?

What if you had all of the money in the world?

Why do leopards have spots?

Short sentences must strat with W words.

Who?, What?, Where?, When? Why? Would? Was?

Year 2

1AD Sentences

2AD Sentences (for HA writers)

He was a tall man with a crumpled jacket

He was a tall, awkward man with an old, crumpled jacket

A 1AD sentence has one adjective before the first noun and one adjective before the second noun

A 2AD sentence has two adjectives before the first noun and two adjectives before the second noun

Year 3



-ing, -ed.


Doubly-ly ending

As the rain came down heavily, the children ran for shelter

Walking in the bush, she stopped at the sight of a crocodile facing her.

He rode determinedly and swiftly.

The sentence must end in two adverbs which add detail to and describe how the verb
Year 4

2AD Sentences




Verb, person


He was a tall man with a crumpled jacket

Desperate, she screamed for help.

Skipping, Kate tripped over her feet

If the alarm had gone off, if the bus had been on time, if the roadworks had finished, then she might have got there on time

A 2AD sentence has two adjectives before the first noun and two adjectives before the second noun.

Emotion first followed by the actions that are caused by the emotion. Putting the word first gives more weight to the emotion.

A sentence starts with a verb to give it more importance.

Summarising a plot in groups of three.

Year 5


Noun,which,who where

3 bad -(dash) question?

Confused, troubled, dazed, she didn't know what had happened

Sweets,which taste delicious, are not so good for your teeth

Greed, jealousy, hatred - which of these is most evil?

Starts with three adjectives that end in -ed and decribe emotions.

Use commas to embed a clause in a sentence.

Three negatives follwoed by a dash, then a question.

Year 6

De:De Sentence


I was exhausted: I hadn't slept for days

Our 'luxury' hotel turned out to be a farm building

Two independent clauses that make sense on their own, seperated by a colon.

Deliberately overstating how good or bad something is.