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Behaviour and Welfare

The personal development, behaviour and welfare of every individual pupil is at the heart of the VIPs at Holborough Lakes curriculum.  Read this page to find out more information about how we teach our children to be happy, healthy and safe.  

Building Positive Learning Behaviours

At the core of our learning ethos is the idea that we are teaching our children to be the mathematicians, scientists, writers, historians, geographers, designers, artists and musicians of the future.  We aim for our children to have the skills to be independent, motivated and engaged learners with a deep understanding of their subjects.  We actively ask our children 'what does good learning look like?' and encourage them to take ownership of their own learning journey. 

We build strong relationships between home and school, beginning with the home/school agreement that all parents/carers sign.  We also hold regular curriculum information evenings and information sessions for parents and carers so that they have a good understanding of how their children learn at school and the values we uphold.     

Celebrating Success

We aim for all our pupils to have a positive attitude to learning and to be proud of their achievements both in school and out of school.  Every Monday morning we have a whole school Celebration Assembly that the children and teachers love.  The Celebration Assembly gives us all a chance to share the fantastic learning that goes on in our classrooms and to celebrate individual achievements.

Each Monday, we celebrate:

Presentation Award: A child from each class receives praise and a certificate to recognise their excellence in presentation skills.

Star of the Week: A child from each class is presented with a certificate to recognise their exceptional attitude to their learning.

 Star Writer: A child from each class is presented with a certificate to recognise their achievements in writing and these are displayed in the hall.

Mathlete of the Week: A child from each class is presented with a certificate to recognise their successes in Maths.

All the children who are celebrated in the Celebration Assembly are also mentioned in the school newsletter as well as on their class website. 

Head Teacher and Assistant HeadTeacher Awards

Any children who demonstrate particularly outstanding academic effort and achievement during class are sent to share their work with the Headteacher or Assistant Head Teachers.  They receive recognition and a special sticker. 

Achievement Assembly

We also have an achievement assembly, where children are specially chosen to receive a reward. Parents are invited in to share in this wonderful experience. During this assembly we also celebrate attendance and pupils are awarded with a ‘Gold, Silver or Bronze’ certificate.

There is also a Headteacher award for one individual who has shone through and not only shown a good attitude to learning but has also been a role model to their peers.


Mind to be Kind

We recognise groups of individuals who show acts of kindness to one another. Our ‘Mind to be Kind’ project celebrates these pupils who share random acts of kindness and are thoughtful and respectful of one another and our school. We have a book that allows pupils, staff and helpers to write in and share observations they have made about the children.

What the children think...

I enjoy doing different stuff about work - EYFS pupils

I love my teacher, she is very kind and helps me - KS1 pupil

I think Maths is the best but I still like English - KS2 Pupil

I loved the banquet and all the fun things I did on the dressing up day - KS1 pupil

The theatre trip was amazing - KS1 Pupil

I am better at my work because I am neater at my writing - KS2 Pupil

The teachers are fun, everything is exciting - KS1 Pupil

I really enjoy learning about the different topics - KS1 Pupil.

I think school is interesting because you learn new stuff every day - KS 2 Pupil

I think that school is fun and exciting because in Maths I have to do different challenges - KS2 pupil

I love reading in our library - KS2 Pupil

I love to do PE because we get to do new and interesting sports - KS2 Pupil

My teachers care about me - KS1 pupil



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